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We offer functional and design glassware from professional glass artists and designers, also taking individual orders. The studio has all the equipment and knowledge to transfer the sketch into real products – which can be shipped abroad as well. Glass Point is an open-concept glass design studio designed as a work-space for glass artists and as a sales platform for locally made glass art products from the Baltic’s.

Glass Point was established in October, 2017. Our leading artist and designer is Anna Varnase, who graduated as a Master of Glass Art at the Art Academy of Latvia in 2017. She has already achieved success at international glass art exhibitions, symposiums and biennials, also, she was nominated as best young artists for the prestigious Stanislav Libensky Award in 2017. Additionally, she has more than 6 years working experience on the field of glass art. Our Sales and Marketing Manager is Ieva Zemite, who got her doctor’s degree in Business Administration in 2016 and has several years of working experience in Sales and Entrepreneurship.

Our aim is to bring glass art closer to people. Thanks to the open-concept, the visitors can not only purchase locally made unique artworks and design items but also see the artists in action.

We offer a wide range of services for corporate and individual customers as well. Create interior design elements, design and produce custom-made glassware, awards and corporate gifts by using various techniques.

To maintain our original concept, we also offer workshops and social events for the public with a professional and lovely host.


  • Sales platform for local handmade glass products
  • Taking individual orders, glass design on demand
  • Turn the sketch into real product
  • Creating interior design elements from glass
  • Workshops and art classes
  • Co-working space for glass artists


  • Prototyping
  • Fusing
  • Engraving
  • Grinding
  • Hot shop
  • Sales & marketing
  • Social integration
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