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Glass and Literature: GlassPoint creates unique exhibition displays

For an interdisciplinary exhibition in the National Library of Latvia, we at GlassPoint were asked to create the glass domes that display the exhibits – no easy request, but we were up for the challenge and are more than happy with the final look.

The exhibition „2020: A Perspective on Eternity“ is a collaboration between the National Library of Latvia and the group „Orbita“. It discusses themes of preservation and decay by purposefully letting the exhibits deteriorate – This way, the exhibition asks questions about the Library’s
collection, its meaning, and what will remain pertinent or become obsolete.

As the Library notes, the design of the exhibition space itself plays a very important role in the impact of the showcase as well. We are proud to have been able to contribute to this effect with the creation of the domes for the exhibits. They are made from blown glass and one of them was afterward mirrored to achieve an opaque result. The first step in making them was to create some bespoke molds out of wood, which then could be used in the glass blowing process. After the blowing, the domes had to be cut into the right shape and then one of them mirrored by hand. This process took a long time and some trial and error to perfect, but seeing our work as part of the finished exhibition was
worth the while.

If you are interested in visiting, the interdisciplinary exhibition will be open from the 14th of February until the 26th of April at the Exhibition Hall on the first level of the National Library of Latvia. You can find more information about the exhibits and the artists involved here: https://

Izstāde Anna Varnase