Glass Point was established in October 2017.

Our lead artist and designer is Anna Varnase, who has more than 6 years of working experience in the field of glass art and graduated as a Master of Glass Art at the Art Academy of Latvia in 2017. She has participated in international glass art exhibitions, symposiums and biennials and was nominated for the prestigious Stanislav Libensky Award as best young artist in 2017. Since 2019 Anna is a member of The Latvian Designers’ Society.

Our Sales and Marketing Manager is Ieva Zemite, who got her doctor’s degree in Business Administration in 2016 and has several years of working experience in Sales and Entrepreneurship.



Ltd. “Stikla maja” is implementing the project “Ensuring of Cultural Diversity and Development of Recycled Glass in Glass Point Studio”, which has been granted by European Social Fund, project identification No. / 15 / I / 001 “Support for social entrepreneurship”.

Ltd. “Stikla maja” is a social enterprise that has a lasting social impact through its creative economic activities to ensure cultural diversity and education.

Grant Agreement No. 241834 / SU0000129. Total eligible costs of the business project: 22052,18 EUR.