Мастер-класс по изготовлению мозаичной посуды. Glass Point

Children Creating Art: Collaboration with Bullseye Glass

Sometimes, children have the truest view on the world – this can make them great artists. Glass Point wants to give these small creative minds the chance to shine. On the 2nd of June we will start a new project in cooperation with Bullseye Glass, that has the goal to visualize children’s ideas and turn them into an actual artwork!

Anyone can participate in the first step, no matter the age – we are looking forward to all submissions from creative minds with a determination to participate in this artwork, whether they are 2 or 17. This first step will take part in Āgenskalna market on the 02.06.2019, where willing children are asked to paint whatever they like. After this, we will select some children to take to the Latvian national museum of art. A perfect place to get inspired and sketch! The final work will be made from these sketches by Glass artist Anna Varnese. She will assemble them into a composition and transform the paper-pencil works into a piece of glass artwork, that will get a place in the Āgenskalna market. 

With this project we hope to inspire children to discover their own inner artists and realize their potential. It is also a way to make the art of glass more accessible to children and adults alike. We are looking forward to this process of mutual inspiration and creation!