Kā Glass Point studijā top pasūtījuma darbi? Kāds ir darba radīšanas ceļš līdz gatavam produktam? Ieskatīsimies Glass Point studijas aizkulisēs.

Glass Point behind the Scenes: How our awards are created 

What goes into creating the pieces that are displayed on this website and in our studio? How is the procedure, if a customer gets in touch to order one of our creations? There is a long process between sketch and finished product and today we want to take you with us, behind the scenes of Glass Point. This is how we create our awards.

First, there is a vision. Usually, a customer comes to us with an idea in mind on what they want – sometimes more, sometimes less specific. Together with glass artist and designer Anna Varnase, they will discuss their ideas and the possibilities of what can and can’t be done with glass. To visualize the concepts, Anna now creates the first sketches. Occasionally, this is where we continue to the next step, but since it is really important to us to get the customer exactly what they want, we tend to spend quite some time in this phase – discussing, sketching and visualizing – until the client is perfectly happy with the concept.
With the plan done, it is time to make an appointment with the hot shop or use other glass possessing techniques that require to make your project reality. Usually, it takes two to three weeks to finish the commission. This is because even if the client only wants one award, we usually produce a couple of prototypes – so we have back up if something happens in shipping or transportation and also so the customer can choose the one they like best.
Additionally, the hot shop is just as much a place for creativity as the sketch pad and sometimes Anna will try different techniques to get the best result. She also has to be able to change the plan slightly, if something doesn’t work the way we thought it would. With the work is done, the only thing left to do is photograph the award, send a picture to the client and then ship them out to their new happy owner.