International Glass Exhibition in Riga: The Voice of Glass Collaborative

               Collaboration instead of Isolation: The aspect of pluralism and teamwork is one of the main inspirations for the 2020 exhibition “Voice of Glass Collaborative”. The exhibition is organized by Glass Point and is arranged within the scope of the „Imagining Sustainable Glass Network Europe“ project (ISGNE).

               In 2020, thirteen artists from all around the world will come together in Riga. They were invited to create pluralistic and interdisciplinary artworks to be displayed in the Riga Bourse Art museum. The location fits with the theme, as the museum is known for its intercultural approach. The Riga Bourse museum has received multiple awards and, in 2013, was given a special commendation by the European Museum Forum as one of Europe’s eight most successful museums that had opened in the last two years. It is a place for cultural exchange and connection – an ideal space for the voice of glass collaborative.
               To not think of the artist as an isolated creature, but to appreciate the power that comes from sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge is what this exhibition is about. This also means, that the works presented won’t be glass only, but glass integrated with other disciplines. Currently artists are collaborating with scientists, economists, anthropologists as well as composers, poets, and choreographers, the list is extensive.
               Glass Point is proud to be involved in this event not only in an organizational, but also in a participating role, as our lead artist, Anna Varnase, will be one of the artists whose works will be on display. The other creators involved are:
Julia Pociute from Lithuania, 
Kazushi Nakada from Finland,
Meng Du from China,
Suojia Zhang from China,
Anjali Srinivasan from USA/India,
Inguna Audere from Latvia,
Michael Rogers from USA,
Jin Hongo from Japan,
Anna Norberg from Sweden,
Clara Bro Uerkvitz from Denmark,
Bohyun Yoon from South Korea,
Maarja Maemets from Estonia,
              We are looking forward to having such a diverse and talented group of artists here in Latvia and can’t wait to see the finished exhibition. The official opening will be on the 16th of October 2020 and all those interested are invited to join and take at a look at the unique works created exclusively for this occasion.
              The exhibition is supported by Creative Europe project “Imagining Sustainable Glass Network”, The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia.