Wielona nami glass mosaice pannel decor

Facade decors. A collaboration between Wielona and Glass Point

Glass Point team is honoured and proud to be part of this project. The building is located at Vilanu str. 14, Riga, Latvia.

The author of the design is our leading studio artist Anna Varnase.


The overall design is not only aesthetic but brings a story to house owners and guests. The decorative niches consist of four smaller objections and tow larger ones.  The design of four smaller niches (250x840mm) consists of four colours – red, blue, green, white and their intermediate tones. The colours are chosen to represent certain symbols for wellbeing of the house owners.

Larger niches (310x2150mm) consist of gradient transition of the colours used in the smaller niches, creating a cohesive piece. Taking a closer look into the niches there are couple of Latvian ethnographic symbols hidden.

“AKA” symbol, which protects the house and the family.

“Auseklis” protects from evil.

In the top transition part “GOD” sign and “MARA” sign, which fades to white, reviling themselves in the curtain light. The effect is achieved by using iridescent glass.

The round window in the middle part of the niches is made from shimmering glass film, which captures light and reflects it from dark purple to green blue and amber. This is used to capture the essence of the panels in smaller space. The window was quite small 300 mm in diameter and Anna come up with the solution to make it not only noticeable, but as an accent piece.


The smaller panels consist of more than 200 hand cute and grinded opaque glass pieces. Larger more than 350.
During the manufacturing process each panel is split in smaller section to make it easier to install. We have developed a unique back side of the mosaic to extend its durability and resistance to harsh weather.

Panels are suitable for all type of houses. If you are interested, please contact us info@glass-point.eu