Artist Studio Space

Using Glass in Multi Media Artworks

If you are an artist of any field and want to incorporate glass into your artwork, we at Glass Point are happy to help you with your vision. We have worked with artists from all kind of fields before, including photographers, painters and multi-media artists.

We can provide you with the knowledge and skill necessary to work with glass and will help you with skilled assistance if you need it. We also offer renting our equipment and studio space.

If you plan to work with us and our studio for a longer time, we are able to arrange a pop-up exhibition in our studio space, where you can present your finished pieces.

For Glass Artists

If you are an artist that already works with glass, we can also offer you studio space, equipment usage and skilled artist assistants. You can also talk to us about possibly selling your products through Glass Point.

Equipment and possible Services

Our studio equipment consist of a kiln, a flame working kit and cold shop equipment (horizontal and vertical grinding and polishing wheels). We regularly outsource glass blowing and can help you with this as well. If you need other specific equipment, we can usually arrange it.

If you are interested in working with us, don’t hesitate to contact us! The pricing of the services will be discussed individually and will be different depending on what you need. You can come to us with a vision for an artwork and our experienced glass artist will try her best to help you with the realization.

Interns are welcome to apply.