Laika Kapsula | Time Capsule

Anna Varnase | Dan Hermouet | Vaida Andrijauskaite


Laiks kā jēdziens plūstošs, bezgalīgs un mainīgs. Vides objekta mērķis ir fiksēt šī laikmeta seju, izmantojot analogo fotogrāfiju. Attēli tapuši piedaloties nejaušiem garāmgājējiem ar mērķi iemūžināt savas konkrētā brīža izjūtas, kā fizisku laika attēlojumu. Sajūtu mirklis tiek iekapsulēts melnbaltā, abstrakta attēla, noslēgtā stikla cilindra, radot kopīgu emociju, laika kapsulu. Laika ritējums atklājas caur katra dalībnieka emocionālo stāstu, ar kuru var dalīties, vai atstāt intīmu. Laika kapsula risina jautājums par indivīda un kolektīvās atmiņas īslaicīgumu un trauslumu, vai gluži pretēji, ilgmūžību, kas atstāj pēdas nākamajās paaudzēs.

Lai radītu šo instalāciju, tās dalībniekiem tika uzticētas filmas kameras, kuras izmantojot, tika fiksētas emocijas 2-5 kadros. Fotoaparāta vienkāršotā uzbūve, bez iespējas aplūkot uzņemot kadru, deva iespēju dalībniekiem iedziļināties savā emociju spektrā, neuztraucoties par tehnisko risinājumu un iegūto attēlu.

Kapsula papildināta ar fotogrāfa Dan Hermouet cianotipijastehnikā veidotiem stikla paneļiem, kuri laika gaitā izzudīs, reprezentējot atmiņu un izjūtu trauslumu.

This project will encapsulate and discuss time as a concept – fluid, infinite, endless. The project is time sensitive, as is often perceived memories of our most cherished days out with families or loved ones. That’s why the creators of this project decided to build a sculpture that will depict a representation of the passage of time through emotional storytelling. The time capsule will express the notion of framing emotions in time as a physical representation of a memory.  Putting memories of emotions into a glass capsule and turning it into an object that can be shared with and felt by the audience, represents a complex relationship we have with expressing, feeling and understanding time. Are our feelings and memories safe forever or fragile and temporary?

The project is aiming to, though interaction with the public, showcase the array of emotions. The public will be asked to participate and only using analog cameras with five dedicated frames per group of people, to capture their feelings of “now”. These emotions will then later be encapsulated within the glass structure, together with photographs and glass panels of Dan Hermouet artwork reflecting on his experience and time spent in Riga.

Dan Hermouet par projektu

About emotions

Photography is a compelling experience in a search of my personal expression which resonates with my surroundings. Experimental, mixed media, alternative printing and photography is usually where I personally tend to err. This crossroad of old photographic processes is usually a journey of explorations that brings along copious amount of excitement and surprises.

In my quest of exploring emotions for this project, I started a journey closer to my heart, trying to break the rigid lines of my rationality. Before this project I was used to tame, block or ignore emotions and this was a powerful tool of control, however this defensive mechanism has led me to unwelcomerepercussions. Opening my heart into the pool of emotions has prompted me to override the organised order and structure from my mind. Allowing uncertainties float into my journey was the beginning of the emotional adventure.


About cyanotype process

The interplay I created with the cyanotype plates is based around enticing lines breaking the rigidity of rectangle patterns, square shapes and parallel lines. Cyanotype is a handmade sun printing photographic process – an old, primitive, light sensitive chemical reactions which creates a distinctive Prussian blue imagery. The colour can also be altered in an array of subtle greys with different hues and tones. I very much enjoy working with this process as it allows me a self reflection while washing away my blues.


By tapping into a pool of emotions, I started to explore feelings through movements and floating lines, fractures through cracks, peels, textures and decay… like a search of floating thoughts unfolding in front of me in a fleeting moment.

Accidents and chemistry are an integral part of an emotional journey and I wanted to reflect on this by trying a few new processes including developer made from coffee and beer.  I wanted these mundane ingredients (which usually alter our perception and feelings) to make an integral part into the process. They can obstruct and affect our emotional states and are part of our common lifestyles.

The idea behind using a soup for film development is a sort of thing we are not quite supposed to do in our lives, but do it anyway. It provides a level of surprise and excitement towards the unknown. It brings a layer of abstraction, but also presents a struggle to clearly identify the true nature of emotions in time. The abstraction from the chemistry is also a game of chance, a risk taking approach which provides a unique path towards the final object delivered through the image. It’s so beautiful when the end process reveal dust and grain particles trapped in the final images, it’s almost like it validates the human environment and interaction with each photograph.


About sculpture

The encapsulated floating emotions in the sculpture offer depth to the photography through the glass, because glass is a unique medium which provides the possibility to distort perspectives, bend the light and gives depth to two dimensional photography.

The distortion of the image in the tube is really relevant as we struggle to clearly identify the overall image. It creates a need to change perspectives to see it all which is also partly obstructed by other emotions. It easily distracts you from the original feeling you were looking for.

Monochrome is an aesthetic usually associated with nostalgic feelings which helps to remove the natural distraction from colours. Not all emotions are black or white but they are best described in a multitudes of greys… an ever changing colour, morphing into subtle darker or lighter shades…a perpetual cycle of coming and going waves… The human array of feelings and emotions is a complex, yet fascinating subject to capture in photography.


About photography

Photography or printing for me is a celebration of the light – a gift to embrace and enjoy as time passes by. Time in photography is a crucial ingredient that helps to transform slow photography into a unique printed object.

Alternative photography and printmaking are based around slow processes articulated by combining chemistry, light and sun printing. It’s a blessed combination which allows a fulfilling journey in creating and making each images into a unique object. The preciousness of time is a centre element which emphasises how I can resonate and perceive each moment captured in a frame. Each image turns into a little concrete piece of personal memories. 


While developing film and scanning images I kept listening to inspiring music by Ólafur Arnalds, Yann Tiersen, sigur rós. Perhaps it can also enlighten emotions and feeling for you. Check them out.

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