Glass in Interior Design

The artistic elements of glass capture the imagination and engage the soul, making them wonderful additions to the interior design. Glass Point studio offers custom-made stained and fused glass for your office or home. Our individual designs are a fit for almost every space and can be integrated into different interiors. Unlike conventional panels, glass pieces allow you to individually change colour, shape and texture of your desired design. This makes for a very cost efficient and easy way to get a new look into your living or working space.

Why glass

With glass, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want a modern and minimalistic look or something homey and personal, there is a way to realize it. Adding glass elements to your interior will allow you to add a special touch, without the risk of making your space look darker or smaller. And don’t solely think about doors and windows – custom glass in interior design is incredibly versatile. Maybe you want to give your ceilings or floors a unique makeover? or your lights? Or you want your staircase to stand out? Glass is the way to go.

What we can do

The needs of every customer are different and we will work with you to realize your personal vision – even if you might think it impossible. 

We can provide glass in all colors or in a frosted or even aged look. It is also possible to change the texture and we are able to embed custom reliefs into the surface. If you, for example, want a specific pattern in your glass or capture a personal moment (like a handprint), we can create it for you. Through Laminating it is also possible to integrate objects like photos into the glass. From a classic frosted glass door, to a more elaborate design with glass, a lot is doable.
After we worked out your desired design with you, we will fuse your piece in the kiln, making it enduring and durable – and therefore a long lasting and unique addition to your home decor.

Feel free to contact us for more information.