Glass Jewelry

In our jewelry workshop you will learn how to create customized jewelry from glass. Create your own Design and make it happen! You can make glass earrings, brooches, pin-earrings, pendants or rings. (5 items per person) These truly unique ornaments make a nice addition to your wardrobe or a perfect gift. 

Celebrate with us

If your friends are also creative people you can even come to us for celebrating: We love hosting birthday parties or other celebrations! The process of designing something together will bring you and your friends closer and guarantee a day of fun. So why not do something truly memorable for your next special occasion and come to our studio to make some DIY jewelry?


The price of this workshop is 20€ per person. There is no prior knowledge in glass art needed to attend this class. It will take about one and a half to two hours, but we can arrange individual sessions if you want to stay longer or make more pieces. There is no prior knowledge about glass art needed. Contact us for more information and please let us know your preferred time to attend so we can work out how to schedule the classes!


Note that your DIY jewelry has to stay in the kiln for a while before it is finished, so you can’t take it home with you straight away. If you aren’t in Riga for long enough but still want to take part in the workshop, we can arrange shipping for you.