Glass Lighting

You need a customized lighting solution for your office or home? Or maybe you want an eye catching glass lamp, created just for you? We can help you with finding, designing and creating the perfect fit for you!

What we can do

Glass and light are a perfect match, as they both enhance each other. This is why we offer custom made light design. We can do colored glass panels for a minimalistic and modern look, but we offer hand blown glass and even lamps in the Tiffany Technique as well. If you have an old lamp, that doesn’t quite fit your style anymore, we are also able to work off of old pieces and renovate them in the process. If you don’t want to just repair your old glass art, we might also be able to restore it with a modern twist!
And remember that lights don’t always have to hang from the ceiling: We can create illuminated glass pieces functioning as wall decor or even room dividers. Especially with glass it is easy to create atmospheric lighting, that will transform you whole room. If you are interested or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.