Mosaic on Glass Plates

Lose yourself in the meditative process of mosaic-making during this creative glass workshop.

You will create a unique plate through cutting and arranging glass pieces in whatever design you desire. Through fusing in the kiln, your plate will then take its shape and final form.

A mosaic is always more than just the sum of its pieces and the process in itself can be a highly meditative and focused activity. Every piece of glass will find its place and become part of a greater whole, be it an abstract and colorful piece or a more intricate and detailed design. The choice is all yours.

Since this workshop requires nothing but creativity it is accessible for all ages. So whether you want to spend a little time with yourself, focusing on a calming yet creative task, or you have a child that wants to creatively express themselves – this is the workshop to choose! You can come with your whole family – we’ve had children as young as two create small masterpieces with the mosaic technique – or bring your friends along. This workshop makes for a nice opportunity to have a stress free and creative day out in Riga with the people you love.


The price of this workshop is 25€ per person. Every participant gets to take home one plate. It will take about one and a half to two hours, but we can arrange individual sessions if you want to stay longer or make more. Contact us for more information and please let us know your preferred time to attend so we can work out how to schedule the classes!


Note that your plate has to stay in the kiln for a while before it is finished, so you can’t take it home with you straight away. If you aren’t in Riga for long enough but still want to take part in the workshop, we can arrange shipping for you.