Glass Decorations

Spring is coming but you’re not really in the mood yet? Or it’s almost Christmas but you have nothing to hang on the tree? Or do you need a special gift for a seasonal celebration? Whatever it is, we would love to help you out! In this workshop you will learn to make all kinds of seasonal decorations from glass.  Have fun with being creative! These little DIY artworks are sure to bring color to your home and impress any visitor. This workshop is great for learning about cutting glass, as you will not only assemble your creations, but also cut every piece exactly how you like it.

Team Building opportunity

This is also a good workshop to choose for Team-Building, because of the fun but still creative process, that allows for a lot of discussion and sharing of ideas. It is also possible to do the decorations in a way that will fit your companies or businesses corporate identity. Maybe you could even make some memorable and unique gifts for clients! If you and your colleagues want to do something special for your next field trip, this glass workshop would be a great option. 


The price of this workshop is 25€ per person and you can make up to three pieces. It will take about one and a half to two hours, but we can arrange individual sessions if you want to stay longer or make more. There is no prior knowledge about glass art needed. Contact us for more information and please let us know your preferred time to attend so we can work out how to schedule the classes!


Note that your piece has to stay in the kiln for a while before it is finished, so you can’t take it home with you straight away. If you aren’t in Riga for long enough but still want to take part in the workshop, we can arrange shipping for you.