In March 2019 we were proud to welcome Gracia Nash in our Glasspoint Studio in Riga. The New York glass and multi media artist hosted a six-day Masterclass. With the help of Nash, the participants got to create their own glass sculptures through flame working and glass fusing. Newcomers to the art of glass were able to learn and experiment alongside experienced artists - and not just about techniques and technical details!


meistarklase Glass Point studijā

Projektā “Imagining Sustainable Glass Network Europe”/ISGNE


Artist/ Māksliniece Gracia Nash

To open our minds and souls, Glass Point studio invites to experience multi-media and glass artist Gracie’s workshop. Participants will explore a new way of creating small-scale glass sculpture through the combination of flameworking (borosilicate) and glass fusing (soft glass). Sculptures will be built up by attaching small sheets of fused frit onto a flame worked internal structure. Participants will learn basic flameworking and fusing techniques and share their final pieces in a pop-up exhibition at the end of the class.